The Potty Trained: Complete Online Course. 15% off with Promo Code "elpotty"

 $297  Complete Potty-Training Course - Save about  $603 dollars, as the average household spends $900 dollars a year on diapers, plus get a 15 % discount with promo code "elpotty". This Is A Full Virtual Interactive Training with over 30 video modules of potty-training steps and guidance. The whole program takes you step by step on what to do to get your child successfully potty-trained and how to get over any hurdles you might encounter during the process. The full course includes my e-book, poop training pdf presentation and how to overcome withholding and fear of pooping, potty-training plans and more. The course comes with a one time strategy phone call with me that you may use at any time during your potty-training journey. Hit me up for any questions about my course

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