Personalized Potty Training Program with Ana Gauthier (RN)

Personalized 6-8 Week Coaching Program With Me! Success Guaranteed!

  • Hours of instructional video modules of the Best Approach to potty-training success from beginning to completion. My entire Potty-Training Video Course Complete is yours.
  • We work together as a team. We will meet and great via zoom or IG video call and after that our potty-training journey will begin.
  • We will meet weekly to go over your child's progress, tweak anything that might need modifications, and go over the plan for the upcoming week. 
  • You will be able to reach me anytime via my personal email. 
  • I don't leave you until your child is Potty-Trained, Guaranteed. 
  • My coaching is detailed and thorough and it's inclusive to all children including children with speech delays, learning disabilities and autism. 
  • We will tackle different potty-training approaches to serve your needs.
  • Included are instructional videos to help children get over the fear of the potty, withholding, constipation, trouble sitting and more.
  • The coaching personalized course comes with my E-Book, and written PowerPoint Presentation titled "All About Poop", Passive-training pdf, sample personalized potty-training plans used in the past, written instructions and more.
  • There is no other potty-training course like mine!
  • Send me an email if you are interested in working exclusively with me as your potty-training coach 

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